The Mission of Open Door Ministries

To extend Christ’s affirming, inclusive love to persons who have often felt excluded and condemned by church and society because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
To encourage and support the Church and its members as they address issues of human sexuality and biblical interpretation.
To bring the compassion of Christ and his Church to persons affected by HIV/AIDS and other health-related issues.

Our Mission

We serve the Gay community. We assist those of all sexual orientations, gender identities, or expressions, seeking spiritual support from the multi-faith community, locate caring and open congregations where all are welcome.

We focus on helping individuals to be open and honest in dealing with health, orientation, and identity issues by providing valuable resources, referrals, and ongoing formal support within the community for individuals with HIV/AIDS and their families and friends.

We strive to promote education in a variety of areas for faith communities to be welcoming and open to sexual minorities and all gender identities, their families and friends. We provide counseling to individuals regardless of their faith and referrals to services and community agencies.

We support youth through programs that offer advocacy and training that promotes understanding, respect, and safety for all young people.

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